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Direct Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Connect?

Direct connect is an online banking service that allows Personal Online banking customers to directly link their Bath Savings account(s) to Quicken accounting software. Customers will enter their Bath Savings Online Banking username and password into their Quicken software, Quicken will log into online banking on behalf of the customer, and will pull forward their account transactions into Quicken.

Can I use Direct Connect without an Online Banking Profile?

No, the Quicken software requires an online banking username and password in order to establish a direct connection. An online banking profile must be set up before the Direct Connect service can be used.

Who is eligible for Direct Connect?

All customers who use a Personal Online banking profile to view their accounts may use Direct Connect. At this time, the service has not been enabled to be compatible with Bath Savings Business Online banking (a customer who logs in with a token).

Can I use Direct Connect on my Mac?

Yes, you can use the Direct Connect service on both a PC and Mac.

Can I use Direct Connect with both my Quicken Online version and Quicken Software?

Yes, Direct Connect will work for both the Quicken Online version and Quicken software.

Is there a fee to use Direct Connect?

No, there is no fee to our Personal Online Banking Customers for establishing a Direct Connection.

What type of account transactions can I import into Quicken?

You can import all transactions from checking, savings, certificate of deposit, and loan accounts using the Direct connect service.

I am trying to do my first-time Direct Connect; can I upload transactions for all of my accounts at the same time?

Yes. You can upload transactions for all of your accounts at one time. Once you enter in your online banking username and password, establishing Direct Connect, your Quicken software will ask if you would like to import all accounts, or only a select few. Please keep in mind that if you have more than one username and password (you log into more than one online banking profile), a Direct Connection must be established for each profile separately.

When Direct Connect brings transactions into my account register within Quicken, how far back will they go?

Direct Connect will only upload the transactions in your current and previous statement. All older transactions will need to be brought over by exporting a file form Bath Savings Online Banking.

What version of Quicken must I have to use the Direct Connect service?

It has been our experience that Quicken version 2014 and older may not function at full capacity, and that Quicken may not offer service or support for these versions.

Can I use Direct Connect if I have been importing files manually from Bath Savings to Quicken?

Yes, you can navigate to the Direct Connect option within Quicken and enter in your username and password to establish the Direct Connect connection.

Does Bath Savings Offer Quicken Support?

Bath Savings Online Support team is happy to assist you with connecting a Bath Savings Online Banking Profile to the Quicken Software. For questions regarding using your Quicken software, we recommend contacting the experts at Quicken Support.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions about establishing a Direct Connection?

Bath Savings Online Support will be happy to assist you! We can be reached Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, by calling 442-7711 or 1-800-447-4559. Additionally, we can be reached by emailing