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Real-Time Alerts from Bath Savings

Schedule notifications about your Bath Savings accounts on your terms. With our new real-time alerts, you can receive communication about your accounts through multiple banking channels.

Information and events such as a low balance, pending loan payment or suspicious transaction, automatically trigger the delivery of real-time alerts. You control your communication preferences and can choose to receive alerts through email, text or push notifications.

About Real-Time Alerts

With new real-time alerts you can keep even better track of your money and spend less time doing it. Want to know if your balance drops, or when a deposit is made? With real-time alerts you'll know the moment it happens, without ever logging in. Alerts are convenient and safe. There are a variety of alerts to choose from, and the notifications you receive are completely up to you.

If an alert is triggered it can be delivered to your mobile phone via text message, your email inbox, or through your online banking. By keeping constant watch over your accounts—every moment of every day—our new alerts offer even stronger security, a new level of convenience and new peace of mind.

How it works

When you log into Bath Savings Online Banking you’ll see if there are any unread alerts in your secure inbox. Selecting Alerts from your homepage or from the menu displays a quick overview of the alerts you've set up. Once an alert is added, it will be included in your list here.

Alerts are displayed and sorted by category, type of alert and where alerts will be delivered. You can edit or delete your alerts at any time. To make a change simply update the information, then save.

Alert Options displays the options available for adding alerts, sorted by category. To add a new alert just select a topic, the type of alert you'd like to add and how you'd like to be contacted, then save.

Contact Options allows you to set up your contact information and add any Do Not Disturb times. Alerts generated during Do Not Disturb times will be paused until that time period ends. To add a new email address just enter the address and save. When you're ready to verify the email address, send the activation code. Once received, type in the code to activate it.

Sent Alerts displays a list of your alerts that have been activated. If any of the alerts you've subscribed to are triggered, they will be shown in the list. Triangles indicate new, unread alerts. At a glance, you'll see the date a notification was sent, the alert type and a detailed description of why it was triggered. A new alert can be marked as “read” or deleted. Similarly, the entire list can be marked as “read” or deleted.